Looking for some stuff~

Shipping will to be Australia, NSW

I can't buy all my wants all at once, so I'll buy whatever gets offered to me first/is cheaper.

Kingdom Hearts I vol 1-4 (would like to buy as a set)
If you have the limited edition slipcase you'd like to sell please comment~
Price range: no more than $15 shipped for manga, not sure about slipcase.

Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney Ensky figures
I already have Edgeworth and Maya ones, so I'm looking for Phoenix, Mia, Godot, Franziska and maskless Godot.
Box does not have to be included, I can only buy one or two as of now unless you offer all the ones I need for very very uber cheap.
Price range: around $10 shipped?

Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney Magstage bust figures
Looking for both the sepia and coloured ones of any character.
I can't buy a whole set unless you offer it to me for very very uber cheap.
Price range: I have no idea how much these are worth. Maybe around $10 shipped ea.?

Also looking for:
-Any Prof. Layton stuff that might interest me. I already have the Eternal Diva straps, Prop Plus Petits and the Flora, Luke and Legal straps out of the Unwound Future gashapon set. Also looking for the other two Layton straps from the set.

-Magazines featuring FFVII, KH, AA or PL. Any language is fine, though English is preferred. I already have the 2008 Feb issue of PlayStation featuring FFVII Crisis Core, NEO Magazine issue 81 and 2010 December issue of Animavericks.

-Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts Play Arts
Already have Reno, Kadaj, Crisis Core Cloud, KH Cloud and FFVIIAC Vincent.
Not really interested in buying the different forms of Sora.
Price range: Around $25 shipped?

-Any other KH, Ace Attorney, Layton or FFVII merch that might interest me (posters, other figurines, CDs, potions, promo items etc)

-Posters from Kingdom Hearts, Professor Layton or Ace Attorney. I already have the huge Professor Layton and Pandora's Box promo poster. Official ones only, please.

-Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts doujinshi
I'd prefer to buy gag doujinshi but just comment/PM with what you have. Japanese or Chinese preferred.

Thanks ^-^


Cheap commissions from $3AUD to $6AUD

I'm advertising for my sister so here it is.


Traditional or digital.

I don't do:
Animation, realistic people/animals, canine, mecha, anthro, yaoi/yuri, kissing, anything 18+.


I can use pencils, pen, oil pastels or watercolour.

The paper in the background may be erased like this:
Or you may leave the paper like this:

I can use Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator or MS Paint.


-Linearts in pen like this: and

-$3AUD for linearts
-$5AUD for sketches (B&W or colour)
-Additional $1AUD if you want me to design (i.e. costumes, hairstyle)

Pay through PAYPAL ONLY.
Buyer pays paypal fee.(Check the box that says "I will pay the fee" when sending money.)
Pay $2 first, and the rest after you receive the artwork, or if you don't want to go through 2 transactions you can choose to pay the full price before you receive artwork.

Additional info
-Provide reference if you have any
-If you have a certain size you prefer, please let me know (in pixels or in centimetres)
-Completion time will depend on the art
-Finished works will be posted onto Ninibear's deviantArt
-Originals (traditional art) cannot be given

Feel free to discuss anything through mail/comments.

Random Prof. Layton revoltech pics

These three photos are also featured on my deviantart, pinni137.


PS Please bear with the bad quality, these were taken with a camera
from a cellphone.


"TIME FOR A PUZZLE," says the Prof, pointing demandingly...

with a teacup and saucer on his tophat.


Now it's our turn to present him with a puzzle.

"What's the answer, Professor?"
"I don't quite know yet, please allow me more time
to think it over."

Awesome balancing there, Professor.

And now, for a totally unrelated-to-puzzles photo...

Apparently, Professor Layton wants to fly, too.

Well, that's it for now, I might be uploadin more some time later.
As I type this, my sister is coming up with more poses.